Jean-Paul Dionne Symposium 2024

Navigating Transitions: Developing Our Professional Identities

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The Jean-Paul Dionne Symposium 2024 Organizing Committee is pleased to invite students to submit their research proposals. We hope you will join us in this opportunity to get together!

This year, our theme, Navigating Transitions: Developing our Professional Identities, focuses our attention on the transitions we are all experiencing. Whether this means developing new professional identities, establishing academic connections in a post-COVID world, coming to grips with AI, or learning new ways to disseminate information, we are all adapting to a world changing at an increasingly dizzying pace.

How do we make sense of our own transitions? What are we doing to note the changes that affect us? What are the implications of living through transitions on the graduate student, teacher candidate, counselling intern, or health professional? Can we find the time to come together and talk about the changes we are all experiencing? What are the opportunities for research focusing on transitions?

We sincerely hope that this Symposium will provide you with opportunities to explore your developing professional identity. What do you have to say, what do you want to learn, what can we learn together?

Please visit our website at for more information about the Symposium!